Sunday, January 28, 2007

First CB Sales

Hi everyone.. I hope this is a pleasant Sunday to all of you. I just arrived from church and now in front of my PC again to work and learn more about IM. I have a wrist injury for holding the mouse for 15 hrs a day and my wrist have a bandage now, but I'm still working and make sure to stretch my eyes, neck and hands every 2 hours. Anyway, I’ve been very busy creating blogs and promoting CB Products lately and hoping to have my sales on CB. I started promoting CB products this month and putting my time and effort to promote CB products. Days went on and my sales report is still at $00.00. Actually I am getting used to see those round numbers everyday and striving hard to make my sales.

Well, last Jan 20 is my lucky day, just a few hours after posting on my blog; I made my first CB sales. I really jumped, surprised and very happy to see my CB Sales Report is no longer $0.00 and I earned 75% commission. Now I am trying to repeat that sales and promote the products. No luck until today, I guess I need to learn more and learn how to pick a good CB product and find the right marketing strategy that will work for me to make this sale more regular and not just a one time sale.

I dropped some of my products with just 2-5% commission and focus on CB products with higher commission and experiment on some marketing strategies I've learned from other marketers. I realized it's not worth to put so much effort for 2-5% commission. I also find out (which I didn't do before) that in reviewing the sales page, it is important to always look for the tools that will help you promote the product. There are also product owners who will give you the privilege of having your own brandable PDF copy to help you in promoting the product. I am learning a lot here. Before I just pick a product on top of CB list and didn't even bother to look for other tools to promote the product. With my first CB sales I really read about the product, the reviews and make use of the available tools and a few hours I made my first sales. I find it hard to repeat that sales until now but I'm not giving up. It only means I need to try harder or be smarter, find the right product and marketing strategy that will give me a more stable and regular sales.

Well.. it's time to work again and continue my journey in Internet Marketing. Have a nice day to all of you.. Cheers !!!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Made My First Sales

I already made six blog sites in two months and much as possible update them regularly. There are times I am thinking if I have a future in this IM since there’s nothing much happening in two months in terms of traffic and revenue, but I keep posting, thinking and discovering new ways to improve my websites and not giving up even if there’s nothing big happening yet.

I want to test the waters on Affiliate Marketing and tried blogger as a landing page. All I did was registered at Linkshare as an affiliate and searched products under Computer and Electronics categories with great deals and rebates. Products with lower prices compared with other companies offering the same products and with bonuses or free gift certificates. It takes about 1-2 hrs daily to research for the products, post on my blog, use pinging services and try various social bookmarking sites in promoting my blogs. I update my blog daily and at the same time enjoying it because I am learning a lot and starting to become a tech geek too and educate myself with the latest tech gadgets.

I’ve been doing this routine of researching, posting , pinging and promoting the site for 2 weeks now starting last Dec 30’2006 when I first launch my blog site. After almost two weeks, last Jan 11 at exactly 12 days after it’s launching I made my first sales on 2 items about $169.68. I can't believe my eyes when I saw my Linkshare report and surprised to see the figures and what’s even more surprising is that the following day, I made another sales at $79.99 and I thought wowww this is really great...

I only earned a small commission from Linkshare products but what’s important is that I made sales and I have good traffic and returning visitors on my blog site. I also started my affiliate program with other companies with bigger commissions and who knows one of these days I’ll get my sales from those companies.

It is a great feeling and it gave me more confidence to continue my journey in internet marketing. Yes, there are times I feel discouraged but I still keep trying, I always bear in my mind that most people quit when success is already within sight and I don't want to be in that position.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My Escapades with MYLOT a Paid to Post site Part II

I feel I need to write a Part II on this subject as I haven’t included these facts on my last blog. After my first day at Mylot I have no plans of putting up almost 24 hrs posting new topics or responding to existing topics there again as I have other things to do with my time and I have a lot of things to learn on-line. But I always have this curiosity about the topics on Mylot site and once in a while I want to brainstorm with other people there.

I visited my Mylot account again after posting my first blog here about pay to post websites and was surprised to see $2.67 earnings on my account. I found out that I didn’t just earn $0.83 for my almost 24 hrs posting but earned $2.67 because the site has 24hrs delay on updating member’s earnings. I just challenge myself and tried to achieve 100 posts on my first day there on the site to see how much I will make. You can maximize your earnings too by uploading pictures related to your discussion topics and through referrals.

As of now I just visited once in a while and make a few dollars then but I cannot afford to spend more than 20 hrs again on the site, unless I am a person with no other business on-line I guess I could do that. I earn around $1 a day and its good enough and let the earnings sit there and pile up and I could use it to buy domains and cover parts of my web hosting fee that I could use on my web marketing.

Mylot website is also a good site to brainstorm with other members regarding different topics and meeting people around the globe. If you are a writer you could get a lot of subjects there that most people ask. I visit the site once in a while make a few dollars there and meet people and then go back to my priorities which could give me more revenues.

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